Robert G. Turner is a second generation native of Houston, Texas. He is a graduate of the University of Houston (B.B.A. 1969) and also received his Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Houston College of Law in 1972. He has been in private practice for over 30 years specializing in criminal defense and personal injury litigation. He has defended persons accused of capital murder, homicide, robbery, kidnaping, fraud, theft, drug trafficking, possession of controlled substances, and alcohol related charges including driving while intoxicated and intoxication manslaughter. He has an extensive State and Federal practice both as a trial lawyer and an appellate lawyer. He has tried jury trials in Texas, Florida, Missouri, Michigan, and Ohio.

          He was involved in defending the importation and possession of over 100,000 pounds of marijuana in the Southern District of Texas which was then and still is the largest marijuana case in the State of Texas. The trial resulted in a hung jury and later a probated sentence. U.S. v. Jones, et al. He defended an American Express employee accused of money laundering for the Mexican drug cartel and obtained 11 counts of acquittal. U.S. v. Reategui. He authored a Petition for Writ of Certiorari in Ward v. State. to the United States Supreme Court. The Court granted the Petition and remanded back to the Texas Appellate Courts to reconsider whether the assessment of a drug tax (on marijuana) was the equivalent of multiple punishments for double jeopardy purposes. Although the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ultimately held that Ward’s payment of a small amount of the marijuana tax did not constitute double jeopardy, the Comptroller of Public Accounts for the State of Texas thereafter abandoned any further assessments under this act.

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